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Congratulations for investing in your sexuality, and welcome!

I’m delighted to share a little about my sexual journey with you.  My relationship with my own sexuality is what led me to do this work. Growing up in the UK like most of my peers I received little or no sex education. I entered the dating world with many hangups about my body and the daunting prospect of having sex. I felt awkward, insecure and utterly unprepared.  Struggling with my self esteem for a number of years only contributed further to my lack of healthy and satisfying sexual experiences. Determined to demystify the world of sex, I gathered my courage and set off on a quest to discover what sexuality was really all about outside of the confines of British moral and cultural norms. This quest, which became a lifelong study of sexuality and relationships, led me to live and train extensively in several countries and cultures around the world and eventually to becoming a Doctor of Human Sexuality. I am Tantra, kink, poly, LGBTQ+ and sex work friendly and aware.

I discovered that healthy sexuality holds a key that unlocks our potential for profound healing, deep intimacy, erotic pleasure and passionate loving relationships. 

I can help you learn how to navigate your sexual journey for optimum pleasure and intimacy with yourself and your partner.


Doctorate in Human Sexuality, DHS: Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Ca (IASHS)
CA State Certified Clinical Sexologist: Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Ca
CA State Certified Sex and Intimacy Coach: Sex Coach University, Ca
Certified Sex Educator: San Francisco Sex Information, Ca (SFSI)
CA State Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Educator: (IASHS)
Somatic Sex Educator: Somatica®  (Celeste & Danielle)
Certified Urban Tantra Teacher: Urban Tantra (Barbara Carrellas)
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach: Coaches Training Institute, Ca
BA, Psychology:  Kent University, UK

Languages: French, German, Spanish and English


Honored with recognition for outstanding work in the field of sex and intimacy coaching in the July 2017 San Francisco Magazine’s “The Best of North Bay 2017”


“Dr. Namita is a vibrant, skilled caring dedicated and creative clinical sexologist and sex coach. She has the knowledge and ability to elevate her clients to achieve their highest goals using a unique warmth and lightness of being. I adore her spirit, her flair, her deep commitment to sexual healing. Anyone working with her is blessed to have Namita by their side.”
(Dr Patti Britton, Pioneering Sexologist/Sex Coach, Author of The Art of Sex Coaching, and Co-Founder of Sex Coach University)

Dr. Namita is extremely professional in her approach to her work. I know that all clients seeing her would be in safe hands.
(Mike Lousada Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist)

“I have great confidence in Namita, She is caring, compassionate, and very knowledgeable in her field. I do not hesitate to refer to her clients who struggle with issues relating to intimacy and sexuality because I believe she can help.”
(Fawzia Campana, MA, LMFT)


Namita is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person.  She makes you feel very comfortable discussing what can be a sensitive topic.  In just a few visits, she has helped me immensely with my intimate relations.  I am very grateful to have met her and believe that she can be an excellent resource to anyone looking to reconnect with their significant other.
(M, Marin County)

I am writing my testimonial for all the Moms who may be struggling and resigned to a sexless marriage. Looking for someone to help me with this struggle was an emotional process.. That’s why I put it off for so long and I imagine other people do the same everyday. That’s so sad because when I finally got the help I needed, everything turned around, not just my sexuality. I thought of myself as a no-hope kind of case… A working mom with 2 kids, no libido and a husband who, although patient, was becoming frustrated by the lack of sex in our marriage. I initially saw Namita alone to help me reconnect with being a woman as well as a mom and with my lack of desire. Then we worked with her as a couple which really helped us understand each other sexually. We wanted different things and Namita helps us bridge that gap. If you’re a mom and you’re feeling hopeless about your sex life, don’t wait the way I did because having our intimate life back together also helped me on so many other levels. My stress is better, my depression has improved, my body feels like mine again, the kids see Mom and Dad happy…..on and on. I highly recommend working with Namita, she’s awesome!

My wife and I had been to see several couples therapists and a sex therapist before we came accross Dr. Namita’s posting on Yelp. We were ready to give up and were feeling discouraged but thought we would give therapy one last try. That was the best decision we could have made for our relationship because Namita is the one who finally helped us get to the heart of our intimacy issues. Her work is body-based and experiential which was exactly what we needed. She is so kind and comfortable with the subject of sexuality that we felt we could really trust her to help us. We saw her for several months, did the homeplay assignments (which were fun!) and now have a sexual relationship that is beyond what we’d hoped for. I highly endorse Dr. Namita and believe her to be an expert sex therapist.
(T & R, San Francisco)

Dr. Namita Caen is an amazingly, skillful and sensitive Therapist. After being in menopause now for a couple of years, I have not felt sexual and also had lost the connection to my body. I started seeing Dr. Namita a few month ago, and am so happy I did. Through her work, which is not just talk therapy, but also involves very safe and sensitive touch, I have been able to reconnect with my body and my desires. My sexuality has awakened again and my husband and I have rekindled our intimacy in a new and very sweet way. Thank you Dr. Namita, for creating such a safe space, and making me feel comfortable to open up to you and therefore to myself.

I was referred to Dr. Namita by my therapist. At first I was nervous about opening up to someone about such personal matters but Dr. Namita made it very easy to talk openly and helped me understand and resolve issues that had been affecting my life for many years. She is a very supportive, open-minded and experienced therapist.
(A, UK)

Dr. Namita is a kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable therapist. As a man in my early 60’s I found myself experiencing the physical effects of aging and had become very self-conscious. Dr. Namita helped me to develop different ways to experience my sexuality and provided lots of up to date information and options. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their sexuality.
(R, Palo Alto)

My husband and I were hesitant to speak to a sex therapist about our marital issues but once we met Namita she immediately put us at ease. She helped us reconnect with each other intimately after more than 10 years of sexual problems and gave us invaluable tools with which to improve our relationship. We are very grateful to her for essentially saving this area of our marriage and possibly saving our marriage altogether.
(J and S, NYC)


My girlfriend recommended Dr. Namita to me after she helped her revive her marriage. She rescued my husband and me out of a long term sexless relationship and helped us develop ways to connect and be intimate with each other that work specifically for us. Our love life now feels healthy and our whole relationship has improved on so many different levels because of it. Thank you.
(P and L, Sonoma)

I was depressed and struggling with my sexual orientation when I was introduced to Dr. Namita. With her help, I have learned to accept who I am and who I am attracted to sexually. I am now dating again and feel like my life is heading in a whole new direction which is finally aligned with who I really am. She is very kind, compassionate and non-judgmental and I continue to see her for appointments when I feel the need for support.
(B, SF)

My wife and I were struggling for years with our non existent sex life. Our libidos were totally opposite and it looked like things were never going to change. Thanks to Dr. Namita, that is no longer the case and we have found a way to be sexual again. It was not easy making the first call and discussing our problems but she was so professional and personable that we knew we had the right person to help us.
(S and B, Tiburon)

My partner and I were never able to fully understand each other’s sexual needs and preferences and after a number of affairs on both sides were ready call it quits. We came to Dr. Namita hoping to see if we could find a way to connect sexually and open up to exploring in ways that were open, honest and loving. She was instrumental in helping us develop a lifestyle that was beyond what either one of us ever thought was possible. This would not have been possible without her guidance, insight and caring support. We cannot thank her enough and recommend her without hesitation.
(MK and R, UK)

My single life was starting to be a real source of anxiety.  I was unable to meet women, much less date anyone. Dr. Namita literally turned my life around and helped me gain the skills and confidence to connect with women. My self-esteem has improved, I am no longer ashamed of my body and I have been on several dates. She has helped me more than words can express.
(P, SF)

As a widower having lost his wife of 20 years to cancer, I was feeling sad, lonely, and somewhat resigned to living my life as a single man. A close friend of mine suggested I seek help and that’s what led me to counseling with Namita. Through her genuine kindness, deep understanding of loss, and extensive knowledge of relationships and sexuality she helped me regain the confidence and skills I needed to connect with women after all my years as a monogamous married man. She was my therapist, my coach, my counselor, my sex educator and fashion stylist as well! This type of therapy has been hugely educational, supportive and transformational in my life and I have Namita to thank for that.
(LP, East Bay)

I saw Dr. Namita for several months as I needed help with some sexuality issues that I had not been able to resolve by myself. Her insight, suggestions, support, and bodywork sessions helped move through my issues and lifted a heavy burden of guilt and shame that I had been carrying for years. I have done other types of talk therapy in the past but found that working somatically and experientially is what really helped bring about lasting change for me.

I was referred to Dr. Namita by my therapist, and was impressed by both her qualifications and expertise. While finding talk therapy useful for a range of other issues, I needed more support in the area of intimacy and sexuality. The specific techniques and resources that I gained through our work together made the difference that really helped me resolve my issues around my body and my ability to enjoy intimacy. Namita helped me understand how to reconnect with my body and my libido in a way that feels positive and healthy. I’ll admit I felt a little shy discussing such a personal topic, but her gentle, insightful, nonjudgmental style put me at ease right away, and her sense of humor lightened the whole process. I recommend her highly!

Dr Namita is a very supportive therapist that was so sensitive to my specific concerns. Her calm energy made me feel comfortable and I was able to open up so we could really identify and work through my road blocks. Her office space made me feel relaxed and at home. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help in this area.

Dr. Namita Caen is a deeply caring Therapist. She helped me through issues that developed after I went through Menopause. I had lost the connection to my body and lost my libido. Dr. Namita helped me to reconnect with myself and my body through safe touch and loving talk therapy. I felt safe in her presence and her wonderful space I rediscovered my desire and have a relationship to my body that is better then it has ever been. My relationship with my husband has deepened and we rekindled our intimacy and are discovering new and wonderful ways of intimacy. Don’t hesitate to work with this skilled and compassionate therapist!

I spoke to several sex therapists before deciding to meet with Dr. Caen. She offers an introductory phone consultation that really helped me feel comfortable working with her.  She is very easy to communicate with and I was able to talk about things that are often hard to discuss.  Dr. Caen is very professional yet down to earth. Her empathy and sensitivity have helped me understand personal issues. Her office is comfortable and relaxing. I am glad I found her and would recommend her to anyone looking for help and guidance.

It took me a very long time to find a therapist that I would feel comfortable enough with to talk about my personal life.  It took me even longer to try and find a sex therapist. I am so glad that Dr. Namita is that person. As well as being an exceptional therapist, she is also a  compassionate and caring human being. She helps me feel like I matter, and supports me in moving through problems I have. Her body oriented approach really helped me move forward and overcome some issues I had been dealing with for a long time.

My wife and I were referred to Dr. Namita Caen in 2015. We were looking someone for help to bring a greater depth of intimacy and passion back into our marriage. Like many couples, and as busy professionals, our priorities had simply not included spending time on our erotic connection, and we didn’t know where or how to begin. As a result of encouraging and down-to-earth sessions, Namita, helped us to reconnect with each other, and to find an erotic connection that we’ve never had before.

I saw Dr. Namita Caen for support with struggles I was having around intimacy and connecting with potential romantic/sexual partners that stemmed from abuse and negative response patterns from teenage & early adult life. She was a gentle, caring and wise guide, and she helped me perceive and understand ways I was holding myself back, as well as recognizing maladaptive behaviors that had sprung up as a result of negative past experiences. Through role-play, deep sharing, and home exercises, she helped me learn new ways of relating to people I was romantically and sexually interested in, including how to communicate my needs and desires both verbally and non-verbally. During my time working with Dr. Namita Caen, I feel like I made some important steps, and feel more confident, centered and grounded in who I am and what I want to attract and create in my love life. There’s always more to discover and learn, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Namita again in the future. I recommend her very highly!”

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